Contrave FAQ

How does Contrave work?
Contrave is a relatively new medication that due to its properties helps people to fight excessive weight. The combination of the two drugs that are the main ingredients of Contrave (Bupropion and Naltrexone) works directly in the nervous system of the patient. The changes produced in the nervous system lead to the fact that one’s appetite is considerably minimized and, as a result, the person consumes less food than usual. In addition to this, Contrave is known to diminish the pleasure that people with excessive weight often find in consuming large quantity of food, which is a very important achievement on the way of weight loss.

Contrave price
The price one will have to pay for Contrave diet pills depends on many factors. If you have insurance and it covers, at least partially, the cost of weight loss medications, you will be able to save on the initial price of the medication as well as on the following fills. If you don’t have insurance, the price you will have to pay for Contrave ranges from $233 to $270 and even $300 for 120 pills, depending on the pharmacy. There are, of course, online drug stores that offer coupons and discounts for the following fills and one can save up to 50% of Contrave initial cost if they use these coupons or saving cards.

Is there a cheap version of Contrave?
Unfortunately there is no approved generic and/or cheaper version of Contrave. Contrave is the genuine brand name of this medication and other drugs that are claimed to be generic versions of it are most certainly fake. One can only save money on Contrave diet pills with the help of special programs such as Contrave ScaleDown program, saving cards and coupons offered by the majority of online drug stores. One can also get a Contrave Savings Card and use in their local pharmacies in order to buy Contrave and save money.

Is it possible to lose weight fast with Contrave?
Many people dream of losing weight fast, but they should be aware that this could be dangerous for their health. This process should be taking place gradually. Contrave can certainly help to lose weight, but one should know that only a complex approach can yield good results. Pills alone will not solve the problem of excessive weight. Patients should follow a prescribed diet and increase their daily physical activity. Only in this case the medication will work.

Who is Contrave prescribed to?
Contrave weight loss pills should be prescribed by a qualified specialist only to certain categories of people. Not all the patients who have excessive weight are eligible to take this medication. Contrave is recommended only to overweight and obese people. Those patients whose Body Mass Index is 27 or more fall under the category of overweight people, while obesity is diagnosed if the person’s Body Mass Index has reached 30. This medication is prescribed to adults only and is not meant to cure other medical conditions than excessive weight.

Who is not allowed to take Contrave?
As Contrave is a medication that influences the nervous system of the patient and has a fair number of side effects, certain categories of people should avoid taking this drug. It is not prescribed to the patients below the age of 18. Pregnancy or breastfeeding are also contraindications for taking this medication. If the patient has or has ever had eating disorders, seizures or any kind of mental illness, they should not take Contrave. Those who are allergic to any component of Contrave weight loss pills should avoid taking them. The same applies to the people who suffer from alcohol or drug addiction. The patients who have diabetes or any kind of serious cardiovascular problems should either not take this medication or take it with great care and under the supervision of a specialist.

Is Contrave compatible with other medications?
Contrave is a complex medication that combines two very powerful drugs which sometimes can lead to undesired side effects, but combining this medication with some other drugs could be truly dangerous. If the patient has taken any kind of narcotic medication during the past 10 days, they must not start taking Contrave. Any kind of MAO inhibitors that the patient might have taken during the past 2 weeks, such as linezolid, rasagiline, isocarboxazid, tranylcypromine or others, are a contraindication for taking Contrave. If you are undergoing any kind of treatment and you want to start taking Contrave, inform your doctor about all the medications you are taking or were taking during the past weeks. This will help you avoid unexpected and undesired complications.

Why did it take so long to approve Contrave?
Contrave was approved by the U.S.A. Food and Drug Administration in 2014, but its approval was preceded by several years of trials and clinical studies. During the last hundred years there have been manufactured many drugs meant to solve the problem of excessive weight, but few of them proved to be effective and safe. Before granting the approval to Contrave manufacturers, the FDA wanted to make sure that the new medication did not increase the risk of heart attacks as it was the case with many other weight loss pills. After the manufacturers conducted a number of thorough tests and trials that involved people with various weight-related health problems, the FDA granted its approval and since 2014 Contrave is available with a prescription.

Is Contrave available in Europe?
Contrave has been approved for use in the United States and is not available in any of the European countries. Orexigen Therapeutics, the manufacturer of Contrave, announced that they have received marketing authorization for Mysimba, a drug that will be sold in the European countries and which, like Contrave, combines Naltrexone and Bupropion. Mysimba, though, is not yet available for sale and until it is, the patients will have to resort to the help of other weight loss medications.

What are the most common side effects of Contrave?
As the effect of Contrave is produced in the central nervous system, the side effects this medication brings about could be very unpleasant and even dangerous. The most frequent adverse reactions are dizziness, vomiting, headaches, diarrhea, insomnia or troubled sleep, the feeling of agitation. Contrave can also influence patients’ moral state and behavior. Some people are known to experience depression, mood swings, even aggressiveness. In some cases depression during the treatment can even lead to suicidal thoughts. All side effects the patient experiences should be reported to their doctor without hesitation in order to avoid further health problems.