How Does Contrave Work?

Contrave is one of the newer weight loss medications that has been introduced fairly recently to the market. And because of its novel status, people are sometimes uncertain whether they should buy Contrave online or stick to the older and better known weight loss drugs in their effort to lose some weight. In cases like that it certainly helps to learn how does Contrave work and what’s the major difference between this new medication and all the others already present on the market.

Contrave is technically an appetite suppressants, a fact that makes it similar to the vast majority of weight loss drugs out there. Its main purpose is to reduce the intensity and frequency of food cravings, and thus make the patient eat less. While it may sound not very impressive to some, those who have tried following a low-calorie diet know how hard it can be to cope with appetite. This is especially true at the first stage of any diet, when the person wants to eat most of the time die to the change in their daily regimen. And that’s where the majority of weight loss efforts fail, because the food cravings can be so debilitating and mind-numbing that it is hard to focus on any simple activity.

With Contrave diet things go smoother and easier. Since the drug affects the receptors in the central nervous system responsible for food cravings, the patient doesn’t experience the usual disabling hunger associated with the first stages of intense low-calorie diet. And this alone can serve as a great boost to any weight loss effort, especially if it also incorporates an active workout program aimed for fat burning activities. Intense physical activity, especially for those not used to it on a regular basis, will also serve as a factor inducing food cravings. With proper Contrave dosage you won’t experience these sensations and will be able to control your food intake much more effectively and with greater results.

If you are interested in the deeper mechanism of action behind Contrave, you’d be surprised to learn that this medicine is actually comprised of two different prescription drugs, each serving its own purpose and being used for different conditions. The first drug is Bupropion, an antidepressant that is commonly used as an alternative to more popular drugs of this type because it affects a slightly different set of receptors for regulating the activity of various neurotransmitters. As a side-effect, Bupropion exhibits pronounced appetite suppression properties, which were harnessed in Contrave. The second drug in the formulation is Naltrexone – an opioid receptor antagonist, mainly prescribed for treating alcohol and painkiller dependency. As it turns out, the neural receptors, which are triggered by the use of alcohol and opioid drugs and responsible for the feeling of satisfaction or dissatisfaction, associated with these substances, are also associated with food intake. When affected by Naltrexone, these receptors contribute to loss of appetite and decrease in emotional satisfaction associated with food intake. So when these two active substances are combined, the cumulative effect is a more pronounced suppression of food cravings, which is exactly what a person needs when trying to lose weight.

However, since Contrave is comprised of rather potent medications that affect the central nervous system, it is very important to keep in mind the potential risks of using the drug without proper caution. This is especially true, if the person has a history of alcohol or drug abuse, mental disorders, eating disorders, seizures, and cardiovascular diseases among many others. If that’s the case, consulting with a professional health care provider is a must, since only a professional can tell whether it would be safe to buy Contrave diet pills in the first place. Moreover, there are many prescription drugs that may interact with Contrave and cause negative side effects, which will render the weight loss program impossible to complete. In this case it is also very important to consult with a doctor or pharmacist in order to establish whether it is possible to take Contrave in general and what dosage adjustments may be required in case of other drugs for the combination to be as safe as possible.

Last but not the least, it is important to understand that simply buying Contrave online and taking it on a regular basis won’t amount to significant results. This drug is only an aid, which will make your weight loss effort much easier and more effective, but it doesn’t make up the bulk of the program itself. At the core of any weight loss program, no matter how sophisticated or labeled, lies the simple principle of calorie balance. When a person consumes more calories compared to their daily energy expenditure, these extra calories are deposited in the form of energy-dense fat, and extra weight respectively. In order to reverse the process, the daily calorie intake should drop below the level of expenditure. A low calorie diet will help take care of the first part of the equation, while an intense exercise program will help burning more calories, including those already deposited as extra weight. That is why it is so important to understand that the best results are always achieved through effort and hard work. Unfortunately, there’s no short cut to losing a lot of weight without doing nothing, it will always be a matter of personal investment and devotion. However, Contrave can make things easier for you, and that’s exactly why so many people opt for using it for better results.